Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park, one of the biggest and the most beautiful city party of Europe, is located in Northwest suburb of Dublin. It is established in 1662 and encloses 1750 acres.


In 1662, Phoenix Park is established as Royal Hunting Park, which includes demensne of Kilmainham Priory. After Royal Hispital at Kilmainham, started in 1680, the park was reduced to present size.

The original name of this park is Finniskk (Celtic, means clear water and green grass). Because it pronounce is similar to phoenix in English, so it is called Phoenix Park later.

At first, it is taken as enjoyment place of royal. Then, it is opened to people of Dublin by Lord Chesterfiled in 1745.

Feature Spot

Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo is estalished around lake in Phoenix Park. There are more than 700 animals and tropical birds living in it.

Residence of President – Áras an Uachtaráin

Áras an Uachtaráin is built in 1754. It is one white house and there is one bright light in room of the second floor. The light had never turned off from 1990 to light up the road to home for wondering irish.

Wellington Monument

Wellington Monument is established for commemorating Duke of Wellington who defeated Napoleon in Waterloo. It is almost 205 feet high, the highest monument in Europe.

Papal Cross

Papal Cross was built for the visit of Pope John Paul II on Sep. 29, 1979. The write cross is 115 feet high and built iwth steel girders.


As one of the Dublin’s main attractions, Phoenix Park is worth for your visitation.


Wiki: Phoenix Park

Note: All the pictures are from internet.


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