Amazing New Features of Word 2013

With a long time expectation, Word 2013 is coming to us. Even though users who are quite familiar with the former versions of Microsoft Word and don’t intend to try this new version, they would like to learn what’s new in Word 2013.

After a short-time trial, the most appealed new feature of Word 2013 for me that it supports online pictures and videos. I can insert online pictures directly in my document instead of saving to my computer at first. And the support of online video is completely amazing. Document owner can insert appropriate videos to assist contents and readers can watch video right in Word to understand owner’s thoughts more quickly.

For Word readers, the new read mode is favorable. Document will be displayed as columns like book. Objects in document, like tables, charts, images, can be read with full screen mode. What’s more, readers needn’t worry about reading document from the beginning. Word 2013 enables readers to keep reading right where they left off when reopening a document.

For Word authors, function to collapse or expand parts of document is very helpful.  Authors can collapse everything expect the part they focus on when working on a long and complicated document. Also, they can display summaries and leave it to readers to open the summary and read details to get more information.

The most powerful function in my opinion is that Word 2013 can convert a PDF document to Word to enable users to edit. However, the converted document may not have a perfect page-to-page correspondence with the original. For example, the pages may break at different locations.

Actually, Word 2013 brings more conveniences on reading and editing. But it also brings difficulties for developers who want to develop applications on operate Word document.

More information about Word 2013

Recommendation for developers: .NET Word Library to Perform Word Tasks


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