Powerful Data Analysis of Excel 2013

The cleaner new look of Excel 2013 is quite attractive at the first glance. Following, let’s explore what’s more in Excel 2013.


Excel 2013 will recommend the most appropriate chart with data information when you are confused with which type of chart should be used. After inserting chart, you can design and format chart with Design and Format tab of Chart Tools ribbon. Also, three new chart buttons enable you to pick and preview changes to chart elements, the look and style of your chart, or to the data that is shown.

Pivot Table

Excel 2013 will recommend several ways to summarize data and show a quick preview of the field layouts after a Pivot Table is created. Each Pivot Table will be followed by a Field List, which enables you to filter fields easily to present in your Pivot Table layout. Also, you can create Pivot Tables based on multiple tables in Excel and analyze data with results by importing different tables and creating relationships between them. What’s more, Pivot Chart is standalone instead of being associated with Pivot Table. With Drill Down and Drill up, you can get the data details in Pivot Chart.

Online Functions

Excel 2013 can be easily saved to your own online location, as SkyDrive and worksheets can be simply embed on your web page. What’s more, the worksheets can be shared in an online meeting so that every attendants can learn data details.

Other New Features

Excel 2013 adds several new functions in the math and trigonometry, statistical, engineering, date and time, lookup and reference, logical, and text function categories.

Excel 2013 opens each workbook in its own window to make it easier to work on two workbooks at once.

Excel 2013 can save to and open files in the new Strict Open XML Spreadsheet (*.xlsx) file format. This file format lets you read and write ISO8601 dates to resolve a leap year issue for the year 1900.

To sum up, Excel 2013 is much more powerful on data analysis and provides more conveniences for users to present, calculate and analyze data information.

More Details about Excel 2013

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