What’s New of Acrobat XI

Adobe Acrobat, developed by Adobe, is the most frequently-used PDF editor. It is powerful on creating, editing and converting PDF documents. Through a long development, the latest version Acrobat XI had been released.

The featured new added function of Acrobat XI is to convert PDF to PowerPoint.

  • With Acrobat XI, PDF document can be quickly converted to PowerPoint (.pptx) for editing and updating with high-quality.
  • During conversion, the formats of original PDF will be saved as well, such as bullets, tables, layout and other objects.
  • You can select and export the needed information in PDF to PowerPoint quickly and easily.
  • You can copy and paste parts of PDF files into a new or existing PowerPoint presentation.

Other New Added:


Acrobat XI enables you to edit text and image much more conveniently.

For text, firstly, editing tools will appear immediately when you click the text you can to edit. Secondly, you can easily correct a typo, change a date or font and add new text in PDF. Thirdly, text can be simply added and deleted in existing paragraphs. Also, the paragraph box can be resized by dragging. Fourthly, just one step, you can find and replace text in PDF.

For image, the most appropriate editing tools will be automatically presented when you click the image. Also, the external editor like Photoshop can be used to edit image in PDF and image will be automatically updated once revised.


Acrobat XI is enables you to email the signed PDFs which can be signed, saved and sent back. And the online service, Adobe EchoSign is very helpful for collecting and tracking signatures.


Acrobat XI enables you to protect PDFs to prevent others from editing by checking Protect PDF box in Microsoft Office applications. And Encrypt tool and new Restrict Editing tool enables you to prevent others from opening, printing, commenting PDF and copying and editing contents.


Acrobat XI enables you to email, archive PDF which is merged from spreadsheets, web pages and photos, and send out for review. Before merging, you can arrange and preview files and individual pages to have a better organization.

Store and Access

Acrobat XI enables you to store PDFs on Acrobat.com by activating your free account. These PDFs can be simply searched, filtered and sorted. Also, you can access these PDFs from your computer or mobile device.

Distribute, Collect and Analyze

Acrobat XI enables you to distribute PDF or web forms with FormsCentral. Once the PDF form is published for sharing, you can collect responses in tables so that you can search, sort, filter and even export data to spreadsheet or database application. Also, results will be automatically updated and presented in a summary report with symbols every time a recipient clicks Submit. You can save the report as PDF to analyze the result.

Besides new features, Acrobat XI was improved existing functions a lot. Please click here for more information:


Recommendation for developers: Professional and powerful .NET PDF component to manipulate PDF documents.


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