Create a Rich PowerPoint Slide using Free API

Microsoft PowerPoint is a slide show presentation program developed by Microsoft. The main purpose of MS PowerPoint is to enable the user to create dynamic, informational slides through the use of text, graphics, and animation. Slide presentations created with the software are often displayed on projection screens for business, training, or educational presentations, although they can be distributed as stand-alone files.

For programmers, you may want to build a rich PowerPoint slide programmatically. In this article, I will introduce how to create a rich content PowerPoint slide using free PowerPoint API in C#, and there is no need for MS PowerPoint to be installed on your system.

Main purposes:

  • Create a PowerPoint document.
  • Set background image.
  • Insert text and image.
  • Insert table and apply built-in table style.
  • Add hyperlink.
  • Insert gradient shape.
  • Set footer (generated date and page number).
  • Set transition of slide.

Namespaces to be used:

using System.Drawing;

using Spire.Presentation;

using Spire.Presentation.Drawing;

using Spire.Presentation.Drawing.Transition;

     using System.IO;

Code Snippet:

//Create a slide

Presentation ppt = new Presentation();

ISlide slide = ppt.Slides[0];

SizeF pptSize=ppt.SlideSize.Size;

//Set background

string bgFile = “bg2.jpg”;

RectangleF bgRect = new RectangleF(new PointF(0, 0), pptSize);

slide.Shapes.AppendEmbedImage(ShapeType.Rectangle, bgFile, bgRect);

//Add title

RectangleF titleRect = new RectangleF(pptSize.Width / 2 – 200, 10, 400, 50);

IAutoShape titleShape = slide.Shapes.AppendShape(ShapeType.Rectangle, titleRect);

titleShape.Fill.FillType = FillFormatType.None;

titleShape.ShapeStyle.LineColor.Color = Color.Empty;

TextParagraph titlePara = titleShape.TextFrame.Paragraphs[0];

titlePara.Text = “Microsoft PowerPoint”;

titlePara.FirstTextRange.FontHeight = 36;

titlePara.FirstTextRange.Fill.FillType = FillFormatType.Solid;

titlePara.FirstTextRange.Fill.SolidColor.Color = Color.Black;

titlePara.FirstTextRange.IsBold = TriState.True;

titlePara.Alignment = TextAlignmentType.Center;

//Insert Image

string logoFile = “logo.png”;

RectangleF logoRect = new RectangleF(pptSize.Width / 2 – 40, 60, 80, 80);

IEmbedImage image = slide.Shapes.AppendEmbedImage(ShapeType.Rectangle, logoFile, logoRect);

image.Line.FillType = FillFormatType.None;

//Insert Table and apply built-in table style

double[] widths={160, 320};

double[] heights={15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15};

ITable table = slide.Shapes.AppendTable(pptSize.Width / 2 – 240, 150, widths, heights);

string[,] data = new string[,]


    {“Developer(s)”, “Microsoft”},

    {“Stable Release”, “2013/10,2,2012; 2 years ago”},

    {“Written In”, “C++”},

    {“Operation System”, “Microsoft Windows”},

    {“Type”, “Presentation Program”},

    {“License”, “Trialware”},



for(int i = 0; i < 7; i++)


    for (int j = 0; j < 2; j++)


        table[j, i].TextFrame.Text = data[i, j];



table.StylePreset = TableStylePreset.MediumStyle2;

//Add hyperlink

ClickHyperlink hyperlink = new ClickHyperlink(;);

table[1, 6].TextFrame.TextRange.ClickAction = hyperlink;

//Add content

RectangleF textRect = new RectangleF(pptSize.Width / 2 – 240, 365, 480, 130);

IAutoShape textShape = slide.Shapes.AppendShape(ShapeType.Rectangle, textRect);

//Content format

string text = File.ReadAllText(“description.txt”);


TextParagraph contentPara = textShape.TextFrame.Paragraphs[0];

contentPara.FirstTextRange.Fill.FillType = FillFormatType.Solid;

contentPara.FirstTextRange.Fill.SolidColor.Color = Color.Black;

contentPara.Alignment = TextAlignmentType.Left;

//Shape format

textShape.ShapeStyle.LineColor.Color = Color.Empty;

textShape.Fill.FillType = FillFormatType.None;

//Set footer



//Set transition of slide

slide.SlideShowTransition.Type = TransitionType.Cover;

//Save the file

ppt.SaveToFile(“result.pptx”, FileFormat.Pptx2010);    




Author: janewdaisy

.NET Program Beginner. Share methods about how to use C#/VB.NET to export data, operate Word, Excel, PDF and other useful skills.

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