Convert HTML String to PDF using Free API in C#

Converting from HTML to PDF is not an easy task. There are some tools that can do this, but most of them costs thousands of dollars. This article provides a free solution with only few lines of C# code, using free Spire.PDF.

Free Spire.PDF is a community edition of the fully featured Spire.PDF for .NET. It allows you to create PDF documents directly from HTML pages in your ASP.NET and MVC Websites, Desktop Applications and Services.

You can use the free library in .NET 4.0 and later applications, in C# and VB.NET languages, on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows machines.


Using the code

PdfDocument pdf = new PdfDocument();
PdfPageSettings setting = new PdfPageSettings();
setting.Size = PdfPageSize.A4;

PdfHtmlLayoutFormat htmlLayoutFormat = new PdfHtmlLayoutFormat();
htmlLayoutFormat.IsWaiting = false;                    
string htmlCode = File.ReadAllText("HTML example.html");
Thread thread = new Thread(() =>
{ pdf.LoadFromHTML(htmlCode, false, setting, htmlLayoutFormat); });





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