Compress PDF Files in C#

Knowing how to reduce PDF file size can save you from a number of different frustrating hold-ups—like trying to send a large file via email, only to get the annoying popup telling us the file is too large to send. This post provides two solutions in C# to make PDFs smaller.

Before start, you should download .NET PDF component and add the dll file as reference to your Visual Studio.

Reducing PDF file size by compressing content

Content compression involves removing all extra space characters, inserting a single repeat character to indicate a string of repeated characters and substituting smaller bit strings for frequently occurring characters.

//Creates a new PDF document
PdfDocument doc = new PdfDocument();
//Load file
//Disables the incremental update
doc.FileInfo.IncrementalUpdate = false;
//Sets the compression level to best
doc.CompressionLevel = PdfCompressionLevel.Best;
//Save file

Reducing PDF file size by shrinking all images

For PDF files that contain many images, compressing/changing the quality of them all can make a noticeable difference in making your PDF smaller.

//Creates a new PDF document
PdfDocument pdf = new PdfDocument();
//Load file
pdf.FileInfo.IncrementalUpdate = false;

foreach (PdfPageBase page in pdf.Pages)
    Image[] images = page.ExtractImages();
    if (images != null && images.Length > 0)
        for (int j = 0; j < images.Length; j++)
            Image image = images[j];
            PdfBitmap bp = new PdfBitmap(image);
            bp.Quality = 20; //Reduces the quality of the image
            page.ReplaceImage(j, bp);
//Save file